Jorgen x Nicoleta

Photo by: Satu
Editing by: Satu & Suci
Location: Stadhuset & Drottningsholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Camera: Canon 700D + 18-135mm

Lenny and Gentar

Did you see that smile?
Smile of two persons who about to sit their life together forever.
Smile is love
Smile is comforting
For whoever face themselves in front of it
Keep it wide
Keep it there

Lenny is rather specific and unique when we met to discuss the concept of the shoot. Worked in front of camera for many years, Lenny is no stranger to the lens, nor she need guidance about how to strike a pose. I find myself taking ideas from her during the shoot. The job got easier when the clients know exactly what she wants.

Gentar is the other way around. He is super relaxed and chill. He pay attention to my briefing and try his best to pose like I told him. He did great. The day was a bit hot when we shoot, but no complaints heard from him.

It is easy to feel jealous when seeing this two people laugh and mock each other during every break. They have this chemistry that makes them looks like a super good friends, and great couple at the same time. When one's hair looks strange, the other will stop me from shooting and start tidying the hair.  

The shooting is done in a friend's ranch in West Java, Indonesia. We want to take it slow, so we spend two days in this spot. The first day to scout the area and talk about the concept in more detail. Then we have a fun night with a good food and some games, something that makes our connection stronger, which is necessary things to have when I shoot.

We spend about 6 hours for the shooting. Another good additional is we bring along our friend whom also a make-up artist and worked with a shooting for many years. Of course a make-up artist is not something new to a shooting, but if it is someone really close to us and the clients, it makes the shooting super fun.

Lenny and Gentar
Shot by Satu Cahaya Langit
Retouch by Evania Lina Fasya
Make-up and wardrobe by Olivia Beatrix
Location in West Java, Indonesia

Taniza - Afro Style Kids Wear

After shooting couple and landscape for a while, it feels refreshing to get an offer to shoot kids wear product. Taniza is a new Swedish-African kids wear company based in Stockholm. I have not had kids or fashion in my portfolio so I did not think twice when offered the job.

The product are colorful and fun. Mostly for kids from two to eight years old. Taniza products are designed and made by hand in Africa. All products are unique.

Not only sweater, Taniza also make bags. We photograph three kind of bags. Two bags are designed for parents. The smaller comes with square shape and decorated with traditional patterns. The bigger one are strong and have large storage.While the other bags are school backpacks.

First time working with kids, I still to find better way to communicate with them. There are good and bad news. The bad news is that even though 95% of the Swedish people speak good English, these kids (younger than 10 years old) have not learn much English. I know a bit of Swedish but not enough to communicate with them. I need to talk to them with gesture and all that. The parents did a great job helping me with this. The good news is that we don't really need to tell them what to do. Let them run around or sit and play, while we follow them and shoot.

It is a really interesting experience and I would like to do it again.

Taniza - Afro Style Kids Wear
Photo by Satu Cahaya Langit
Traneberg, Stockholm, Sweden
Canon 500D with 50mm 1.8

Gabriela and Marcelo

Gaby and Marcelo

Love is made possible just by having two soul together. Regardless of time and space. Everywhere, every time is always good time to embrace the pure feeling. When two soulmates met, deep inside the heart is connected, easily recognized.

By the water


Thousand hours and kisses will never be enough. A promise is spoken and written. Two love birds from Brazil seal the words in Stockholm. The old beautiful building of Stadhuset is their witness.

Posing in front of camera is not difficult for them. Their sparkle is easily shown in every stare, in every grip of hands. The air filled with happiness. Today is their day.

The garden


Green Garden
Wearing white beautiful dress, Gabriela walk up the stairs with the love of her life. Pride is seen in their face. Face of happiness. Smile of the winner. The white flower with her is the symbol of holy feeling they shared. From now and forever.

Kiss between the pillars

In Stockholm City Hall

Look of Love

Gabriela and Marcelo
Photo by Satu Cahaya Langit
Stockholm Stadhuset, Sweden
Canon 500D with 50mm 1.8