Mistress of Spring

the cold are gone and wind breeze get warmer. Stockholm city is filled with colors again.
Taking a walk with someone with smile. Mistress of Spring bring laughter and friendliness.  Night and day is good for a talk. She is not from here but she feels home in most place. comfort is her friend and she take good care of it.

curly hair and a little mess is not a big deal. blue eyes carried away wherever she goes. sharp stare but gentle blossom of lip. Madina walk in the city of Stockholm with ease. Not cold at all, she says. She is young, energetic, and she wanted to see the world. Traveling is one of her hobbies.

She is into fashion. Drawing and designing clothes is her weekly activity back at home. She went for a few shop in Stockholm and pack a dress from H&M. Dark blue dress, combined with dark blue stocking fits her skin color. Rock boot make it tough and not so girly. Tough as she is.

City hall of Stockholm, then to Gamla Stan (old town). Walking 500 meters is nothing for the lady. She wanted a traditional uncrowded alley for the shoot. Between yellow stone building in central of the city. She strike a pose. Beautifully. Calm. Comforting. She is Madina from Ufa.

Talent : Madina Akchurina
Place : Stockholm

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