Bergen Breeze

Before the plane landed in Bergen, the scenery of the mountain and city combined will take the thought. All eyes glued to the window to taste what Bergen has offered. Being second biggest city in Norway, the city is full of houses and all big city's instruments.

Trees and grass is not forgotten. They are still everywhere competing with the modern building and cars. Summer with 28c temperature is just perfect to enjoy the town by foot. However, Bergen is famous for being rainy city too.

But the special course is actually the hiking trail. Bergen has seven summit that you can try one by one, or all at once. The local said that the city have a tradition each year to have a special day for everyone to hike all the summit in one walk. Usually took 14 to 18 hours for the local (the kids included). The organizer will give you free T-shirt after you finished, giving you the pride of being in local's level.

its so easy to feel the mountain breeze in the summit. while watching the earth painting : lake, mountain, cities, thought will be missing and soul wander around on and on. the trail is 18 kilometer and the difficulty of the track will be tough, but it will all pays off.

The Bergen Breeze
taken in Bergen, Norway
11-13 July 2014
shot with canon 500D with 18-135mm lens and a CPL
copyright owned by Satu Cahaya Langit

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