Fulufjället National Park

nature is always good after being tired in the office. a good getaway to the forest is a good choice. Sweden have more than 20 of the national park. One of them is Fulufjället National Park, north west of Dalarna.

on the way to the national park, the two cities of Mora and Särna will greet nicely. Calm small village never disappointing. still, everyone speak good english.

Fulufjället most famous attraction is the Njupskär waterfall. being tallest in Sweden, it easily attract tourist. The location is not far from the entrance, which is perfect for any age. Not easy, not so difficult.

most of the area in the national park are above 800 meters. wide plateau will be seen like limitless. border to Norway is hike-able. lake are numerous and offers it beauty too. Few cabin are placed for tourist who spend days. Smile to every stranger found in the park, as they love the place too.

a little secret is not being informed to everyone, is that this park have world's oldest tree. the wisdom follows 9550 years old root deep inside rocks. national park's map will not shows this tree's location. ask, then you know. the oldies might not seems like old, because that's the regeneration of the branch, from the root that can clone itself.

shot by Satu Cahaya Langit
with canon 500D and 18-135 lens and a CPL
in Fulufjället National Park, Sweden
on July 2014
copyright of Satu Cahaya Langit

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