Gabriela and Marcelo

Gaby and Marcelo

Love is made possible just by having two soul together. Regardless of time and space. Everywhere, every time is always good time to embrace the pure feeling. When two soulmates met, deep inside the heart is connected, easily recognized.

By the water


Thousand hours and kisses will never be enough. A promise is spoken and written. Two love birds from Brazil seal the words in Stockholm. The old beautiful building of Stadhuset is their witness.

Posing in front of camera is not difficult for them. Their sparkle is easily shown in every stare, in every grip of hands. The air filled with happiness. Today is their day.

The garden


Green Garden
Wearing white beautiful dress, Gabriela walk up the stairs with the love of her life. Pride is seen in their face. Face of happiness. Smile of the winner. The white flower with her is the symbol of holy feeling they shared. From now and forever.

Kiss between the pillars

In Stockholm City Hall

Look of Love

Gabriela and Marcelo
Photo by Satu Cahaya Langit
Stockholm Stadhuset, Sweden
Canon 500D with 50mm 1.8

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