Lenny and Gentar

Did you see that smile?
Smile of two persons who about to sit their life together forever.
Smile is love
Smile is comforting
For whoever face themselves in front of it
Keep it wide
Keep it there

Lenny is rather specific and unique when we met to discuss the concept of the shoot. Worked in front of camera for many years, Lenny is no stranger to the lens, nor she need guidance about how to strike a pose. I find myself taking ideas from her during the shoot. The job got easier when the clients know exactly what she wants.

Gentar is the other way around. He is super relaxed and chill. He pay attention to my briefing and try his best to pose like I told him. He did great. The day was a bit hot when we shoot, but no complaints heard from him.

It is easy to feel jealous when seeing this two people laugh and mock each other during every break. They have this chemistry that makes them looks like a super good friends, and great couple at the same time. When one's hair looks strange, the other will stop me from shooting and start tidying the hair.  

The shooting is done in a friend's ranch in West Java, Indonesia. We want to take it slow, so we spend two days in this spot. The first day to scout the area and talk about the concept in more detail. Then we have a fun night with a good food and some games, something that makes our connection stronger, which is necessary things to have when I shoot.

We spend about 6 hours for the shooting. Another good additional is we bring along our friend whom also a make-up artist and worked with a shooting for many years. Of course a make-up artist is not something new to a shooting, but if it is someone really close to us and the clients, it makes the shooting super fun.

Lenny and Gentar
Shot by Satu Cahaya Langit
Retouch by Evania Lina Fasya
Make-up and wardrobe by Olivia Beatrix
Location in West Java, Indonesia

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